About Us

The Pelletier Brothers and Varney Agency have joined forces to create the American Loggers Insurance Program. The unique combination of loggers and an insurance agency brings a specialized focus to claim prevention. This is based upon proven cost effective implementation of both controlling losses and instituting safety programs, which the Pelletier Brothers have addressed successfully. The results have been consistent, stable and lower insurance costs.

The Pelletier Brothers became famous for their Discovery Channel reality show, American Loggers. The show portrays the proud, hard-working Pelletier Brothers as they carry on the family tradition of harvesting the great timber resources of the North Maine Woods. The Pelletier family has represented the true logging spirit for three generations, by operating safely and minimizing risk. It is the family’s goal to provide this knowledge and expertise directly to clients through the American Loggers Insurance Program.

American Loggers Insurance Program affiliates are as follows: