Bobby and Lori Goodson Distribute Revolutionary Fire Suppression Equipment

Lori Goodson – November 7, 2015 – Fire destroys more forestry equipment than anything else does. We, like many loggers, have first-hand experience with equipment fires and the associated costs.

An insurance company from the northeast approached us to distribute, install and service automatic fire suppression equipment manufactured by Fogmaker North America.

Logging is still our primary business, but we welcome the opportunity to promote safety. Its another way the show enabled us to be involved with our industry. Were all in the same boat in terms of costs for insurance and losses when they occur.

Water mist systems work byattacking all three elements of fire: oxygen, heat, fuel. The process of wetting and cooling prevents re-flash and minimizes damage.

The Fogmaker system is easy to install and quickly detects and suppresses fires by way of thermoplastic tubing, which melts and activates the distribution system. A mist of micro water droplets is then spread within the protected area.

The benefits of water over powder in fire extinguishing = reliable, easy, and low-cost.

The Swamp Logger Fire Suppression equipment is 60 percent less than a powder system (starting at approximately $5K), it does less damage to the equipment and is easy to install on skidders and other logging equipment.

It mitigates losses in terms of equipment replacement as well as the down time associated. Today, it can take up to six months to replace equipment due to production backlogs.

This technology is thirty-years-old and common in Europe. The UL certification took many years to acquire, but theres no other water system out there with the UL rating.Powder systems require electricity. Batteries must often be replaced. Theres no power involved with the Swamp Logger system.