Swamp Loggers & Goodson’s All Terrain Logging Inc.

A Proud History of Swamp Forest Logging in North Carolina

“The American Loggers Insurance Program has found the best ways to save equipment and to save customers’ money. Automatic Fire Suppression Systems detect and extinguish fires before they do great damage. A loaded stream/coldfire extinguisher immediately cools and penetrates whatever is burning. It has been proven that the combination of these devices saves equipment. We are ready to take these equipment saving measures all across America.” – Bobby Goodson

About Goodson’s All Terrain Logging Inc.:

Goodson’s All Terrain Logging Inc. is a family owned and operated business established in 1986, located in Jacksonville, NC. Their team of swamp loggers bring nature’s bounty in the form of tupelo, black gum, ash, and cypress out of North Carolina’s rich swamp forests. In their ommitment to being the best, they have led to a specialized form of extraction called “shovel logging”, the most environmentally sensitive and effective means of harvesting trees.

Goodson’s All Terrain Logging Inc. History:

  • Bobby’s grandfather, T.R. Goodson logged for decades in Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia, before finally settling in Jacksonville in 1954. Bobby’s father, Marvin “Bobby” Goodson, also logged for 27 years, passing on both the love of logging and the importance of hard work to Bobby and his brother Michael.
  • As a fourth-generation logger, Bobby began working in the woods at age 11 for his father. He went to Chowan College and received a degree in graphic communications, but the woods carried a stronger call. He went back to work for his father before forming ATL in 1986. Ten years later, he began making a name for himself in the North Carolina swamps using the unique, environmentally preferable shovel logging technique.
  • Lori Mueller and Bobby met in the 8th grade. The rest is history. Bobby and his beautiful wife Lori have two children: Justin and Brittany. Seven grandchildren have rounded out the Goodson family in recent years: Lincoln, Gidion, Gavin, Garrett, Emma, Abigail, and Addison.
  • Bobby, a charter member of the Carolina Logging Association, works alongside his son Justin who is carrying on the family tradition and will pass the Goodson legacy on to his sons. The Goodsons proudly employ 17 people full-time. Justin Goodson owns his own log trucking company.