Donald Curtis Joins American Loggers Insurance as Senior Loss Control Consultant

For Immediate Release, September 22, 2014 – American Loggers Insurance (ALI) is proud to announce the hire of Donald Curtis as Senior Loss Control Consultant. In this role, Curtis will be assisting with strategic aspects of risk control, development of programs and engineering controls at ALI.

As ALI’s fire suppression expert, Curtis will provide educational and collaborative efforts across the spectrum of loggers, equipment manufacturers and others directed toward reducing losses through shared knowledge and expanding the use of active systems methods on high-value mobile equipment. His primary focus will be loss prevention and on wider geographic use of successful fire suppression techniques developed and still continuously improving in the Northeastern US.

“Curtis was the passion and expertise behind the successful application of automatic fire suppression and loaded stream extinguishers on forestry equipment in New England,” said Tim Varney, President of ALI. “His efforts have resulted in New England paying as much as 50% less for insurance than other parts of the country due to an extreme decrease in equipment fires. I am ecstatic that Don will help implement this proven piece of loss control in the Southeast and beyond for the ALI program.”

Curtis is a licensed Professional Engineer with a Mechanical Engineering degree, specializing in fire protection and safety aspects of engineering. He grew up in a rural home where his father built and repaired the origins of today’s logging equipment – based on trucks and farm tractors. Over the past 40 years, he has assisted the logging and wood products industries and controlled their insurance costs by engineering-out avoidable losses. He also spent 25 years as a part-time firefighter, rising to the rank of Assistant Chief, as well as a Maine State Fire Training instructor, teaching hands-on and degree courses to other firefighters.

With over 40 years of industry expertise in Fire Protection Engineering and Safety Services, Curtis serves as an integral part of ALI’s growth and competitive advantage, allowing ALI to better serve and protect its clients. ALI is honored to have him on-