Santee Risk Managers LLC Logging Equipment Program Announces NEW PRICING TIER

For Producers of Santee Risk Managers LLC (SRM) and Loggers Insurance:

Fresh back from London our SRM team is pleased to announce that we were able to secure a NEW AMERICAN LOGGERS INSURANCE PRICING TIER.

Senior Vice President, George Gould, stated, “We are very happy that our London underwriters have supported our position for a more aggressive New Pricing Tier that can significantly reduce premiums, as well as provide additional coverage enhancements for those accounts that embrace Automatic Fire Suppression(AFS).”

We will certainly continue to serve you as we have in the past by providing prompt, competitive quotes for your logging equipment needs. However, we believe that if you consider qualifying with AFS for this New Pricing Tier, you will derive a number of cost-saving benefits:

  • You will SAVE Premium year after year.
  • The cost to install Automatic Fire Suppression is often recaptured in two years or lessas a result of premium savings.
  • Down Time. With an overall save rate of approximately 85%, the lost revenue from a total loss fire is significantly reduced. Also when machines burn, it is always at the busiest times when leasing or purchasing a replacement may be difficult to do.
  • Lost Value. It seems like anytime there is a total loss, it is often difficult to find a similar replacement unit based upon the claim settlement proceeds.
  • Financing will be available in some circumstances ie: when installing AFS on 5 or more machines.
  • Additional Coverage included. In the event of a covered loss Expediting Expensesof up to $10,000; also there is Recharge Coverage for AFS equipment.
  • The most beneficial reason is that you will have an overall safer equipment schedule, which is not only a benefit to you but to your staff as well.

Please find the following Santee Logging Equipment Application which must accompany every equipment submission: Santee Logging Equipment Application

Santee Risk Manager LLC Agents:

Please continue to send Logging Equipment submissions to and continue to manage your accounts through Kathy or Tammy.

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Loggers Insurance Agents:

YES….Loggers Insurance Now has Full Access to Santee Risk Managers LLC and will quote all of your Logging Equipment needs. When submitting your other lines of business to Loggers Insurance, please always include your Equipment Schedules. Please send submissions to Loggers Insurance, as you always have, to the attention of Charlie, Missy or Brina.

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