Submission Guidelines For Appointed Agents

Please be advised that we need to have complete submissions, as we cannot review, give price indications or quote with incomplete or partial submissions. Our submission requirements for complete submissions and our appetite / guidelines for the American Loggers Insurance Program are below.

For GL, Property, Trucking, & Umbrella send submissions to:

Submission Requirements:

Please note our basic program guidelines* for these lines of business:

  1. Mechanized loggers or Logging Contract Haulers
  2. Minimum of 5 years’ in business
  3. 4 years (current + 3 preceding) loss experience, with an explanation on all claims greater than $25,000
  4. 4 Years Expiring Premiums (Current expiring premium and Target premium is a minimum)
  5. 3 year average loss ratio =< 30% with no open claims
  6. American Loggers CGL & Auto Supplements
  7. Acceptable Safer / SMS Reports when they apply (no basic at intervention level)
  8. Short / Intermediate Haul only
  9. Written Safety Policy and / or Driver Policy
  10. Written Contract with subcontractors with hold harmless / waiver of subrogation provisions
    * additional underwriting criteria may apply.

For Inland Marine / Equipment send submissions to:

Submission Requirements:

  • Attached Santee Inland Marine Application (we need our application completed)
  • 5 Years Loss Runs
  • Additional Insured / Loss Payee information
  • Description of any large losses (over $25,000)
  • Target Premium and Need by Date